Monday, February 2, 2009

Some other resources...

This seems like an appropriate place to provide access to a couple of other hymn-related projects I've done in the past.

The first of these is a scholarly paper titled "A place in the soul, all made of tunes": what church music collections teach us about history, theology, and culture. This was presented in the librarians' breakout session of the 2008 Christian Scholars Conference at Lipscomb University. (And before you ask, no, I do not agree with or approve of a lot of the views expressed at the CSC. My participation was limited to a session titled "Legacies of our Past: Preserving the Sites, Sounds, and Documents of our Heritage.") This is a longer version of what I presented last summer.

The other presentation I'd like to share is What We Sing, part of a short lesson series I presented at the Wingate Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee (wonderful people, go visit if you're in town!) last spring. This is an attempt to give some basic context for understanding the different historical strands that come together to make up the body of hymns we sing in the Churches of Christ (at least in the U.S.), and is intended to be understandable to the non-musician.

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