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Favorite Songs of the Church, no. 2

Eddie Parrish recently gave me some old hymnals that came to him from a preacher's library someone gave him. Among them was Favorite Songs of the Church, no. 2, published in 1948 by the Church Music Company, which is apparently a product of members of the Churches of Christ. It contains numerous songs by Albert Brumley, Tillit Teddlie, Rue Porter, Austin Taylor, James Rowe, Flavil Hall, to name a few. I am publishing an author, composer, and title index here, and a transcription of the title page follows. I am planning to send the hymnal itself to the Bailey Hymnology Collection at Lipscomb University, which has an extensive collection of hymnals related to the Churches of Christ. I hope the information below will be of interest, and contribute to our knowledge of some lesser-known writers.

(cover:) Favorite songs of the church / book no. 2
(title page): Favorite songs of the church no. 2

Written by

Rue Porter
W. N. Bohannan
C. E. McCord
Clarence C. Gobbel
Arval Tackett
Floyd B. Lee
Owen Humphries
Mrs. May Thompson
Maurice Claymore
Albert E. Brumley
Lee Pennington
Earl E. McCord
P. A. Crum
Earnest N. Edwards
V. A. Shoke
Mrs. G. W. Nichols
A. C. Carpenter
Mildred Siskowski
Flavil Hall
W. A. Harrison
Palmer Wheeler
Florence Wing
R. N. Hogan
Mrs. Bertha Hall
J. R. McClung
U.A. Carruth
W. E. Williams

Edited and compiled by Frank Grammer

Associate authors and compilers

G.H.P. Showalter
Austin Taylor
T. Y. Morrison
J. M. McCaleb
L. O. Sanderson
J. H. Fillmore
Gardner S. Hall
Attress McNoble
James L. Neal
Horace W. Busby
Austin Hazelwood
W. H. Dunagan
E. M. Borden
Will G. Hager
Ira Y. Rice
N. W. Allphin
Tillit S. Teddlie
Will W. Slater
Albert Lovelady
Mrs. Frank Grammer
Mrs. Palmer Wheeler
George W. DeHoff
L. F. Martin
Henry Skaggs

And many others who have songs herein

[Shield emblem:] SESAC The best music in America

The Church Music Company
Fullerton, Calif. ; Springdale, Ark. ; Pine Apple, Ala.

Copyright, 1948, by The Church Music Company

(title page verso)


We take pleasure in presenting “Favorite songs of the church no. 2” to the public, because of its unusual character as a representative collection of songs for the work and worship of the Lord, not a book of “spiritual songs,” but a book of “scriptural songs” consisting of “Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs.” See “Preface Song.”

Some of the deceased writers

Are: J. W. McGarvey, J. W. Acuff, J. W. Gaines, T. P. Burt, W. D. Bills, Walter Cook, T. S. Cobb, F. L Eiland, Wm. D. Everidge, J. H. Lawson, J. P. Lane, T. B. Mosley, W. L. Oliphant, J. D. Patton, R. L. Powell, R. M. Morgan, Joe S. Warlick, J. A> McClung, Knowles Shaw, M. D. Ussery, J. W. Dennis, H. W. Elliott, and Dr. A. B. Everett.

Many lead hosts thru battle,
And of war, honors they've won;
Few touch the hearts of the people
The “few” give the people their songs

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them. -- Rev. 14:13

Among other deceased friends and musicians, are Doctors S. J. Oslin, J. B. Herbert, and V. O. Stamps, to whom we feel deeply indebted, for all we have done musically. And for the excellency of this collection of songs, much is due our friend, J. R. Baxter, Jr., of the Stamps-Baxter Music & Printing Company.

Rue Porter, James L. Neal and Albert Lovelady, were requested to read every song in an editorial way, before this book went to the press and we believe every requirement of the gospel has been met, therefore, we pray that “Favorite songs of the church no. 2” may find an encouraging response, that it may meet a definite need, that its contents may be employed to the greatest advantage and blessing, and that its message may live on and on, we humbly submit to Christians and friends everywhere.

- The Compiler and Editors

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